Chris Adamczyk

Director of Threat Intelligence Strategies


Chris Adamczyk is a 16-year law enforcement veteran. Since 2006, Chris has focused on the discipline of counter terrorism, threat   assessments, and open Internet source intelligence. As a law enforcement officer Chris created a threat matrix and assessment process for persons of interest, events, and large venues. In 2013, he combined his threat assessment knowledge with his skill in Internet open source research and became the state’s Subject Matter Expert in the discovery, extraction, and analysis of open source information. His skill set has been used to investigate terrorism, sex-trafficking, gang violence, and geo-political strife. He provided real-time social media support for Super Bowl XLIX, The 2015 NFL Pro-Bowl, and dozens of other high-profile events in the US, Canada, and Europe. Chris is widely known for his work in the “real-time” social media space, and often is asked to design programs for the sports industry, education, and private security. Chris speaks at multiple law enforcement conferences each year including IACP, IACA, and LEIU.

As a consultant, Chris worked with Palantir Technologies, Media Sonar Technologies, Law Enforcement Assistance Connection Inc., and several other private security and technology firms. Chris is an AZPOST certified instructor. He is a permanent instructor for the Arizona State Terrorism Liaison Officer Program and a contract instructor for Cook County Emergency Management.