Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I’ve heard the terminology “target hardening.” What does that mean?

A: As the name implies, it’s all about making a target (e.g., a person, persons or place that might be victimized) more resilient to threats of violence.  These preventive steps may include things such as improved lock-out features, barriers to vehicular assaults, controlled access, closed-circuit television, etc.  Bolante.NET offers comprehensive Violence Prevention Assessments to help you develop target hardening strategies and infrastructure to better protect your organization from violence.

Q: How can you Prevent mass killing?

A: Multi-disciplinary behavioral threat assessment teams with current training.

Q: What is Psychological First Aid?

A: Psychological First Aid (PFA)is one First Phase Disaster Behavioral Health intervention employed after a disaster. PFA is used immediately after the event and up to 2 weeks post-disaster.

Q: What are the new topics being developed?

A: Cultural Humility and Compassion Fatigue are two new areas being developed.

Q: Is your team ready to be activated?

A: Psychological First Aid (PFA) is an evidence-based, modular approach to providing first-stage assistance to those in need following or during a traumatic incident.  Providers of PFA complete an 8-hour course based on the SAMHSA model (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), developed and managed by Dr. Ron Glaus of Bolante.NET.  This training equips providers with the skills and tools necessary to provide initial short-term support to co-workers, visitors, community members and others. Developing a trained team will ensure your organization is ready to respond when a critical incident occurs.