At Bolante.NET, we believe in empowering people by learning best practices for prevention, preparing, responding, and recovering from both natural and human induced disasters. Our team of experts provides training and consulting for organizations and businesses to have plans, teams (Behavioral Threat Assessment), and resources in place.


Headquartered in Salem, Oregon with connections around the world, Bolante.NET emphasizes the importance of training people on how to:





From our research and experiences, we understand it’s terrifying not knowing what to do during a natural or instigated disaster. Bolante.NET provides training and consulting specific to behavioral threat assessment, vulnerability assessments (physical security), and disaster behavioral health. We offer specialized training, workshops and educational opportunities based on what each client may need. For example, a school district may need a different set of skills and information than an athletic event. 

Our consultants provide:

  • Physical Security: On-site assistance by conducting a safety/vulnerability walk through with summarized security recommendations for you and your organization.

  • Support Room: Materialsand resources for setting up a support room after a disaster.

  • Social Media: On-line strategies for gathering information during and after a disaster



To know what to do during an emergency requires proper training, empowering you to almost instinctively to know what steps to take to ensure your and others’ safety. Our team of experts will provide you the skills and knowledge to respond to both human caused and natural disasters through our conferences, workshops and online courses, our programs include:

  • Active Threat Training & Support for your organization, staff or for your own professional development

  • Creating a plan and providing training for your organization to respond to an active violent threat or disaster.

  • Reunification planning

  • Consultation and onsite assistance at the time of need. If a situation happens, we will be there for you to guide you through the recovery process and afterwards.

Threat Assessment is an operational activity to determine whether a person/situation poses a serious risk of targeted violence. To include identifying, evaluating, and mitigating the potential threat. Behavioral Threat Assessment Teams are recommended by U.S. Department of Education, Secret Service, and FBI as the best practice for the prevention of mass attack of violence. 

  • Social Media: On-line strategies for threat assessment investigations

  • Team Training: Setting up a new team or providing advanced training aligned with current best practices.

  • General Awareness: Providing information for people who want to learn more about behavioral threat assessment and how to support initiatives for their organization or community




Research has shown if victims and first responders aren’t provided the training and resources to recover after a tragedy that it has a lasting negative impact on their lives and those around them. Think of our recovery training as piece of the healing needing to take place. Our talented staff can assist with:

  • Training, resources and the application of behavioral health skills and information for the reintegration from any disaster situation

  • Psychological First Aid (PFA)

  • Disaster Behavioral Health training & support

  • Research Projects

  • Consultation & onsite assistance


We believe people have a choice of being scared or being prepared. Having the training and skills to know what to do in case something does happen allows you to empower yourself and those around you.

Whether you’re a business owner, church member, first responder or educator, we will provide you the knowledge to be prepared to prevent, handle and respond to an emergency.

We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

We encourage you to ask questions and look forward to meeting with you for a consultation.