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Threat Assessment
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Social Media Agenda- May 20, 2019

Please join us in welcoming Doug Ladd, our newest trainer, to the Bolante.NET team.


Douglas Ladd


A Network of trained experts advocating for businesses, organizations, and communities to have resources in place for violence prevention and disaster behavioral health.

It’s something none of us want to think about ever happening. The truth is, we all need to be prepared for the worst.

At Bolante.NET, our team of experts provides the training and consulting for organizations and businesses to have plans, teams (Behavioral Threat Assessment), and resources in place on how to prevent, react and respond to a crisis – whether natural or instigated.

Headquartered in Salem, Oregon with connections around the world, Bolante.NET emphasizes the importance of training people on how to:

  • Prepare

  • Mitigate

  • Respond

  • and Recover from disasters

We believe people have a choice of being scared or being prepared. Having the training and skills to know what to do in case something does happen allows you to empower yourself and those around you.

Whether you’re a business owner, church member, first responder or educator, we will provide you the knowledge to be prepared to prevent, handle and respond to an emergency.

We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customize our support to your individual needs and concerns.

We encourage you to ask questions and look forward to meeting with you for a consultation. Please use the contact form to learn more about our services.


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